Nanotechnology has begun an industrial revolution in the 21st century. With the emerging nanotechnology trends, our products also find their way in daily life. No matter where you are working or which industry is needed the nanotechnology, each has something to offer. Being a Nano Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we also provide Nano PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel. It is anti-graffiti and self-cleaning. Made from the polyethylene core, it as both hydrophobic and lipophilic surface. It is also dirt resistance ad good water resistance.

Our nano ACP has a limited option which includes blasting silver, blasting gold, nano silver, nano deep grey, nano white, and nano champagne gold. Our products have the most distinctive characteristic.

Why Only Flexibond As A Nano Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers In Ahmedabad?

Our nano aluminum composite panel has some distinguishing feature that makes it different from others.

Ø  The excellent and easy cleaning process

Ø  Pollution resistance

Ø  Oil resistance

Ø  Weather resistance

Ø  Good friction resistance

Ø  Acid and base resistance


Because of the excellent features and numerous advantage, the nano aluminium composite panel is perfect for protection for an office building, airports, school, hospital, shopping centers, industrial buildings, hotels, bus centers, supermarkets, and residential buildings and wall decoration are just starting of the list.