Wood Finish Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Wooden ACP and FlexiBond- Wood Finish Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, both are much popular around the globe. The vividity in wood texture is also one of the things that make it popular. It is simple but looks natural. It is a perfect combo of wooden natural beauty and excellent properties of aluminum wall cladding.

At present wooden ACP of Wood Finish Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers in Ahmedabad is an ideal material for building facade in the market for construction material. It looks natural and also protects the environment. It widely used for outdoor as well as indoor decorations. I think this product tends to replace the wood but gradually.

Flexibond-wood finish ACP sheet manufacturer in Ahmedabad provides a sheet that has various wood stripes on the surface of the coating. You can see as well as feel the beautiful visual effects. Most of the architectures have welcomed it by incorporating it in their designs. Our products are divided into two categories: rustic and wood. Rustic includes Brazilian Sucupira, Country Oak, Knotty Wood, Cuban Chestnut, and African Ipe. Wood Includes Mexican Teak, Canadian Cherry, Greenland Walnut, Brazilian Walnut, African Sapeli, Congo Sapeli, Finland Cherry, Ebony, Gemini Oak, Sisam Wood, Rose Wood, Golden Teak, Laurel Wood, Burma Teak, And California Walnut.

Due to the flatness, the wood finish and strength, the Wood finish aluminum composite panel uses in the facades in large format pieces or thin strips. It is suitable for various architecture formats. It can be bent into a complex shape. Due to its various advantages like high-strength, resistance to weathering, durability, fungus, rot, and mold, it can be used more in exterior compared to natural wood.


As a Wood Finish ACP Sheet Suppliers in Ahmedabad, FlexiBond always tries to bring more innovative products at an affordable cost.  It uses in multiple applications that develop natural, warm and modern senses spaces including interior feature walls and entries, exterior cladding, canopies, sign & corporate identities, and more.