Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum Composite panel fondly known as ACP has gained a lot of market attention and appreciation due to its sturdy yet flexible structure format. It is widely used for building exteriors, interior applications, signage, partition panelling and many more applications. It can take versatile shapes and can stand the test of time effortlessly. Besides, it is light in weight and is also easy to install. At FLEXIBOND, you can find a variety of ACP having distinctive colours and finishes; ready to shape your dreams.


PVC/WPC sheet is one of the most recognized modern day products as it is a convenient replacement of conventional wooden ply used in furniture making. PVC/WPC is recyclable, non-toxic, waterproof, borer proof and eco-friendly. Apart from that PVC/WPC sheets are cost effective also. FLEXIBOND has a comprehensive range of thicknesses in PVC/WPC sheets to give you a plethora of options to choose from. Its functional and designer benefits make them a go-to option for various furniture designs.

Acrylic Solid Surface

With zero possibility of undulation and ease of installation acrylic solid surfaces have paved their way swiftly in the market. At FLEXIBOND, we make 100% acrylic solid surfaces. We are proud to be the first Indian manufacturer of this material. This makes the surface altogether more durable, expanding its application potential. Besides, it is easy to repair and clean and doesn’t promote growth of fungus, mildew or bacteria.