PVC panel profiles: variations and characteristics.

PVC Panel profiles

PVC panel profiles: variations and characteristics.

These products can be operated both inside and inside buildings. But to serve them in a prolonged and reliable way, they must be mounted correctly. Therefore, for such purposes use a special auxiliary profile. It allows you to securely hold the canvas, regardless of its direction and place of attachment.

Special features

The decoration of PVC wall panels today is practiced quite frequently. This is due to the fact that the material is well processed and does not fear exposure to moisture. The fixation of such products is carried out in the previously prepared framework. This design is complemented by a special mounting profile. Externally, these products look different, depending on the purpose of the structure.

With the help of this profile, several basic tasks are solved at once.

·        Giving extra structural strength. This is important if the systems are mounted outside the house. Properly closed grooves will prevent large amounts of moisture from entering and will also minimize the risk of exposure to wind in the panels.

·        Creating a decorative effect. The joints of the panels cannot be lapped perfectly flat, which leads to the formation of cracks. Therefore, the profile helps to hide these deficiencies, creating a unique external architecture of the structure.

Profiles for PVC panels are made of various materials.

·        Plastic this type of product is quite common. It differs in durability and simplicity of installation. It should also highlight the low cost of production, which led to its wide distribution. This profile is almost always used for interior work. The plastic is easy to paint, which allows it to give different shades, but the most common color is white.

·        Metal The metal profile is much less common. The material is durable and unique design. Aluminum or steel structures easily resist external climatic influences. But with plastic panels it is used only to create durable or design surfaces.

Some PVC Sheet manufacturers may add color to the profile according to the customer’s order. Therefore, it is easy to complement the basic design of a room or facade with these construction structures.


The profile is one of the main elements for the installation of plastic panels. Its use allows you to quickly and accurately align all the elements in the plane you need. But the surface of the walls or the ceiling is not always perfectly smooth.

Therefore, various types of profiles are used for the organization of such systems today.

·        In the form of u In addition, these structures are called starting. They are installed before installation work on each wall. The products are intended to close the ends of the panels. Often, they are fixed around the perimeter of doors or window frames. The size of these products may vary over a wide range (10 mm, 12 mm, etc.).

·        In the form of f technically, these elements are installed in the same places as in the previous version. But here such a profile can be more called finishing, since its use gives a decorative finish to the structures after its installation.

·        H-shaped this type of profile is characterized by the presence of two internal grooves on opposite sides. It is connected and used when one sheet must be complemented with another. This occurs when the length of the panel is not enough to completely cover the wall of the house. Coupling profiles are the most versatile and frequently requested.

·        Angles these elements are installed in the joints of the two panels. The coupling corners are of several types: external, internal, decorative and universal. The shape of this profile is completely different. Some products are equipped with several slots, which allow their use in different types of corners.

The sizes of the angles can vary from 10×10 mm to 50×50 mm. Special attention should be paid to universal products. To use them in a certain plane, you only need to bend the structure in the direction you want, but at the same time it is impossible to apply them repeatedly to solve several problems.

All corners are also equipped with special grooves where the panels can be placed at a certain depth. With the help of such constructions it is possible to obtain a perfectly flat vertical surface without distortions.

·        Plintos They is not classic profiles. Use them to close the joints between the panels near the floor. This allows you to create a smooth transition while decorating the surface. In most cases, they are plastic. There are many modifications in the market that differ in design and practicality.

·        Reiki the structures are used to create supporting elements. It can be complemented with several fixing systems. They are not used as often as they are not mandatory items.

All types of profiles can be plastic or metal. In most cases, use aluminum, but there are other types of products. This allows you to select items according to your design.

How to choose

Profile for PVC panels is used quite frequently. Today in the market there are many modifications of such products, but they are all intended to solve a single problem.

When buying this product you should consider several factors.

·        Profile view Here it is important to consider only the place where this product will be used. If you need to cover only a part of the surface without corners and openings, you only need starting elements that will be located around the perimeter. Sometimes you will need decorative plates.

·        Design Special attention should be paid to the color of the material. Today, many companies produce a white profile that adapts to different interior styles. But if you need colored items, you can find them in several specialty stores or buy them by order.

·        Material Manufacturers do not offer many options here. In most cases, you must choose between metal or plastic. It is important to analyze only the quality of the product itself. If you plan to use a plastic profile on the street, you should give preference to one that is capable of withstanding cold weather without losing its resistance characteristics.


·        Technical Parameters Special attention is paid here to the width of the groove, which will include a plastic panel. Do not use a profile that is too narrow, as it may become unusable over time. The groove width is almost always standard, since all panels are manufactured for one size.

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