Types of Ceiling and its Characteristics

PVC Ceiling Designs

Types of ceiling and its characteristics

It is called ceiling, ceiling or false ceiling, the element located at a certain distance from the ceiling itself, being usually built of pieces of prefabricated plates. The ceiling is a common element in the construction and renovation of homes or work environments, which has undergone an evolution with time, because in its first years of application, it had a mostly decorative component, but in the present days it can also serve as thermal and acoustic insulation as well as an optimized for internal lighting.

Architects today privilege the types of ceiling that incorporate technology and design in their materials so that the temperature in the hot months are not so high, and that the cold months is not as low as all this. without the annoying condensations. In addition to this ability to isolate temperature changes, it is also sought that they are not easily flammable while resulting in a pleasant aesthetic .

What are the advantages of the ceiling?

·        One of the advantages of the ceiling is that it adapts very well to the air conditioning of the area. For hot climates, it provides freshness to the environment, and the opposite for cold climates.

·        It has a quick installation since it does not require mixing cement and brick as it does with normal ceilings.

·        It is a good acoustic insulator.

·        The return on investment for placing a false ceiling is greater than if you have an open roof, because they are much cheaper than renovating or demolishing a rigid structure.

·        They allow to hide the pipes, pipes or ducts that are necessary in some cases that pass through the roof.

·        The pieces (plates or tiles) can be easily removed to make repairs to the existing pipes between the roof and the false ceiling.

·        There are many options of ecological and light materials.


The ceilings in fiberglass are inorganic materials (unlike wood), so they do not suffer size variations visible with changes in temperature, being also ideal to repel fire better, and other variables that can always complicate the building materials, such as humidity and fungi. In addition, the fiberglass sheets have a very good capacity to absorb noise and retain temperature, being ideal for offices, clinics or busy places.

Its installation is fast and in general they have a good light reflection, contributing luminosity to the environment. On the other hand, they resist impacts and scratches, and can also be washed every so often. They can come coated in PVC.


The ceiling in PVC is similar to fiberglass, which we saw characteristics, as it also has good acoustic and thermal insulation. PVC is for many the most versatile of plastics, because it combines thermoplastic properties with rigidity.

All this will allow, unlike wood, no risk of rotting or suffering from exposure to certain chemicals. For installation, you can work on a metal structure, which can be channel, angular or omega. Many false PVC skies can have an aesthetic similar to wood, but with the advantages of a polymer.

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Some of the advantages of PVC ceiling are:

·        Resistance to moisture and water

·        Does not require painting to look elegant

·        Good insulation

·        It is not difficult to clean

·        Resist the action of some insects

·        Fire resistance

·        Recommended in areas that require asepsis, such as clinics or hospitals


The metallic false sky is characterized because it has a system formed by metal panels with different lengths and widths, being made of aluminum. Among the advantages of choosing metal panels, are its high durability over time, good resistance to fungi and moisture, low need for repair and maintenance, absence of static (which prevents dust and dirt from accumulating), high impermeability, good resistance to sun and light as well as an elegant aesthetic.

There are different varieties of metal ceilings, you can choose the color, size and finish according to the appearance you want to achieve. They can be painted with epoxy type paint, being a type of false sky widely used in public areas that require good aesthetics and cleanliness, such as shopping centers or airports.

Drywall ceiling

The Dry Wall is an Anglo-Saxon term that is assigned to a construction system that includes materials that do not need wet mixtures, translating by “dry wall” in Spanish. It consists of sheets of plaster that are placed on a galvanized steel structure. After placing the plates, a ribbon should be placed next to a paste type Plac Joint (joint system).

These tiles are more recommended than other plates if we are talking about environments that may require air conditioning, electrical installations and / or fire protection system, as they are more quickly adapted to these requirements.


The wood is another material that can be used to create a false ceiling, which gives elegance and warmth to the atmosphere. That being the case, it is more thought for the home than for the office or other commercial applications. In what refers to wood, a popular option is tongue and groove boards, that is, they have grooves in their sides that allow them to fold with other similar boards, being able to easily arm a structure.

As for their thicknesses, these could vary depending on where we are, but in general they are used within a thickness of between 7-12 mm. They must be fixed with 1 1/2 “nails to the head of the roof, which can be finished with varnish, synthetic enamel or dye. Other construction stores could sell the grooved plywood, which is a large grid that simulates several planks joined by having grooves.

A third option is the MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) sheets, which are made with radiata pine fibers (or other types of pine) and joined by special adhesive. Normally they come in clear shades and with a uniform and smooth surface. One of its disadvantages is that they do not resist fire and termites.

An important fact: false wooden ceilings should not be used in areas of the house that have humidity, such as bathrooms, kitchen, laundry or loggias. They are ideal for living at home, for its warm and sophisticated aesthetics.


The ceiling plaster (in English: plaster drop ceiling) is made on the basis of plaster and synthetic fibers, all of which allows you to have a number of very advantageous properties in environments, such as acoustic insulation and shock resistance and cracks. They come in white, which adds luminosity to the environment, reflecting natural light well. Another advantage of the plaster is that it is a material resistant to fire and moisture.


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