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FLEXIBOND, leading aluminium composite panel manufacturing brand since its inception in the year 2002, has been ruling the industry with its innovative products like PVC/WPC foam board, WPC solid doors, WPC solid door frames and acrylic solid surface. The organization is proud to stand on the pillars of hard earned goodwill. FLEXIBOND has created a rich legacy for itself with an avant-garde product line that has distinctive products used for interior, exterior, facade, furniture, signage and many other applications. These products are highly appreciated and recommended as they stand for their bankable features and salient product properties.


Aluminium composite panel


Acrylic Solid Surface

FLEXIBOND – Top Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad believes in serving nothing but the best, hence it maintains precision and supremacy in its entire product offerings- Aluminum composite panel, PVC/WPC foam board, WPC solid doors, WPC solid door frames and acrylic solid surface. FLEXIBOND has been the leader in providing best quality products in a desirable and affordable price format. With the help of extensive research and sharp understanding of the market, we keep our product line constantly evolving. With an advanced manufacturing facility spread across 70K square meters, we maintain the production capacity of 11.3 million square foot of aluminium composite panel and acrylic solid surface and 6K ton of PVC/WPC products per annum and plan to increase the same in coming time. All our team members are united by one goal of making FLEXIBOND a leading global brand.






Major Stock Points


Color Pattern

70,000 Sq. Mtr.

Production Area

25 Mill. Sq. Ft.



Corporate Supply

10 +


An ERA of excellence

FLEXIBOND – Aluminium Composite Panel suppliers in Ahmedabad has become a leading brand through continuous hard work and dedication of its team members and leaders. It has converted its modest start into a stamp of excellence by staying adherent to serving prime quality products. We have achieved many milestones during this while and are proud of our achievements as well. However, our efforts and achievements continue to inspire us to perform even better and reach the extraordinary standards of progress.


We have spread our presence across the length and breadth of India and have backed a variety of projects. Be it the small scale ones or the ones with heavy investments, we have given remarkable outputs to each, depending upon the nature of the project. Understanding the need of the clientele is one of our fortes and that helps us to deliver just the right thing. Our vast and versatile project portfolio is the testimony of the same.

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