Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad; FlexiBond also offers marble finish ACP. According to customer need, we provide tailor size, thickness, and another parameter.

The granite marble finishes aluminum composite panel is made up fo different materials like polyester paints and PVDF. The unique coating techniques make different lines on the surface panels. It can use for interior as well as the exterior decoration of the building.

As a Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers in Ahmedabad, we provide it as it is cheap, lightweight and durable. Even it has a broad range of pattern and colors like Italian crema, travertine crema, imperial white, imperial red, Emperador dark, onyx green, forest green, Italian black, and galaxy white.

There are visible and fine finish lines on the panel that gives the natural marble-like appearance. Addition to this, it is easy to maintain, smooth, weather-resistant, fire preventive and has good color range.

Features Provided By Marble ACP Sheet Suppliers In Ahmedabad For Marble ACP

·         Super peeling strength

·         Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance

·         Excellent surface smoothness and flatness

·         Even coating and various colors availability

·         Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation

·         Superior impact resistance

·         Easy to process

·         Lightweight

·         Easy to maintain

·         Self-clean feature

FlexiBond: Marble ACP Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our products are manufactured with high purity and high-quality aluminum sheets and high-quality polyethylene materials. We combine all the latest technology with high precision for the best possible end product. You can complete the product in the product catalog with different design, texture, and quality.


Flexibond is registered company accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications. Besides, we also earn the honor of being a part of the Indian Green Building Council.