Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Why choose us for Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel?

We are a capable and valuable team with wide technical knowledge in ACP Sheet.

We offer you a wide range of products of the highest quality at very competitive prices and backed by a team that is characterized by its cordial treatment and service spirit.

We will care for to show you all the possibilities and options at your disposal; we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for.

Our main objective is to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

Our strengths are extensive experience and an extraordinary concept of customer service.

Being a known Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we provide an aluminum composite panel that imparts a luster of quality and distinction to the building. We have 16 different options like bright silver, metallic silver, champ silver, champ gold, panney copper, jade green, blue silver, black silver, rich gold, rose metallic, wine metallic, choco brown, pearl brown, spectra champ silver, and spectra grey silver. As a Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers in Ahmedabad, we meet our client’s tailor needs in the thickness, size, etc.

The processing of the metallic ACP is to apply a coat of fluoropolymer resin with a die- coating process. It ensures smooth and even output without any roping marks. With this technique, you will get an unprecedented color and gloss range with excellent clarity and metallic appearance.

When you ask the majority of Metallic ACP Sheet Suppliers in Ahmedabad for its application, then they might suggest it for the external building cladding, but it can use in all form of cladding like false ceilings, partitions and other.

Features Provided By Flexibond in the Aluminum Composite Panel as a Metallic ACP Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad:

Here are the features that an ACP has:

Ø  Excellent smoothness and flatness of the surface

Ø  Super peeling strength

Ø  Corrosion, pollutant and weather resistance

Ø  Various colors availability

Ø  Even coating

Ø  Excellent sound and heat insulation,

Ø  Fireproof, lightweight, self-clean, easy to maintain

Ø  Superior impact resistance

Why FlexiBond?

High purity aluminum sheet production, high-quality polyethylene materials and combination of high precision devices and advance technology for best product manufacture

Ø  High quality and cost-effective aluminum composite panel

Ø  Various design, textures, and colors of the aluminum composite panel are available

Ø  Lots of research and development for all the products


Ø  Efficient and consistent production