FLEXIBOND has been focusing on high quality PVC – WPC foam board for more than 15 years in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We supply PVC – WPC foam sheets all over the world to a wide range of companies around the world, ranging from large multinationals to small individual companies.

We always believe that every success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. We believe that only the product of good quality with good sales service can bring us good development. We control the quality of PVC foam board in every step, from raw material to the final load. And after the customers receive cargo, any inquiry, our sales team is here to always help you.

Features of our WPC sheet

1. Light weight, waterproof

2. Good hardness with a smooth and shiny surface

3. Excellent formability

4. High impact resistance

5. Good resistance to abrasion

6. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

7. Easy to install and clean

8. Recyclable with a long service life

9. Dimensional accuracy

As PVC Foam Board Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we offer PVC-WPC foam board, that gives a pleasing look to space where they applied. If you are looking for PVC Foam Board Suppliers in Ahmedabad, FlexiBond is the name that flashes on your screen. There are many reasons for its wide application.

It is the best substitute for wood and sustains water, and hence it uses in place of plywood for the exterior of home and offices — another advantage of WPC Foam Board Manufacturer in Ahmedabad that is it 100% fire ad wash proof.

Its application includes deco-panels, grills, solid doors, 3D decorative panels, door frames, etc. You can form different designs and brings flexibility in design. Even it can use all the general tools of plywood. Due to its high density, WPC board are stronger and being high on internal and exterior strength. Even the WPC Foam Board Suppliers in Ahmedabad do not use any harmful chemicals while manufacturing WPC board, and hence it is an environment-friendly product. No irritation of eyes while installation at home or office. In short, it is user-friendly.

Boards made by FlexiBond appear as a green solution and environment-friendly in comparison to other substitutes. WPC composed of 15% wood powder, 70% virgin polymer, and rest 15% additives. No use of any wood product and hence, we are working a step ahead towards the betterment of the environment. Now do not harm the Mother Nature with our products.

Features of PVC Foam Board

Ø  Fire, acid, moth, heat, vibrations, noise, and light-resistant.

Ø  Waterproof

Ø  Ideal substitute of wood, aluminium, and other composites

Ø  Portable and can be transported easily to any location


Ø  Car, bus, train ceilings

Ø  As a decorative, building wall panels, and interior

Ø  Used in residential, commercial, public and office buildings

Ø  Used in the display panel, labeling, and signs industry

Ø  Used in chemical corrosion engineering kitchens


Ø  Used widely in computer lettering, advertising, and screen printing